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If you're looking to hire a mobile bar for your event in Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, or LaBelle, you'll need to know how much alcohol to purchase. Our experienced team can provide a custom shopping guide to ensure you have the right amount for the occasion. We'll provide details on the types of drinks that will be served, the number of guests attending, and any special requests. Our guide will help you make sure you purchase the right amount of alcohol for your event, without breaking the bank.

Events have a variety of variables that will affect your calculations. Time of year, time of day, type of event, size, and temperature, just to name a few. You can customize every aspect of this to accommodate your perceived need.

For simplicity, it is set to the calculations The Mixed Mule uses most.  

We figure when cocktails are involved your guest will consume 60% cocktails, 25% beer, and 15% wine.


Enjoy and happy planning!

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